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Poison Prevention Education Materials and Resources

The Washington Poison Center has a variety of free educational materials available to order, including poison prevention brochures, Mr. Yuk stickers, Mr. Yuk and Washington Poison Center magnets. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact: materials@wapc.org.

To DOWNLOAD our poison prevention brochures, click on the links below:

Poison Prevention & Treatment Guide
Older Adult Prevention & Treatment Guide
Medications Prevention & Treatment Guide
Plants Prevention & Treatment Guide

Poison Prevention Educational Resource – Yuk Box

The Yuk Box teaches poison prevention for children and adults through assistance from community partners. The Yuk Box is available for schools, public health districts and other community organizations to check out, and includes a variety of materials that visually demonstrate how similar packaging is for certain food products and poisonous products such as cleaning solutions, candy and pills. If you’d like to find a Yuk Box near you, please click on the link below. Find a Yuk Box near you!

NOTE: Due to reduced staffing because of the coronavirus, mailing of materials including Yuk Paks may be delayed. You may still fill out an order form, and orders will be filled when operations allow.  Thank you.