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The Washington Poison Center’s Professional Education program is focused on harm reduction and awareness related to poison and drug concerns.  Our program consists of several components that are designed to educate the public about poison prevention, train health care professionals in clinical toxicology and offer clinical toxicology and drug information programs to students. The healthcare provider clinical education program continues to grow immensely as a result of new opportunities and fostering new relationships.

Educational Offerings at the Washington Poison Center

All health care professionals can look forward to a career of lifelong learning. The field of toxicology exemplifies this challenge. Today, toxicologists need access to information about more than 50 million chemicals. This number was only one million half a century ago.

The Washington Poison Center conducts various clinical rotations and in-house education programs to help prepare practicing healthcare professionals. We host on-site trainees from the state universities’ professional schools and programs including medical, pharmacy and nursing students, fellows, residents and other trainees. They receive training in how to access information to handle toxic exposures during their careers.

We bring the training to you

The Washington Poison Center also provides training in clinical toxicology for healthcare professionals and first responders. Trainings can take place in person or online. Contact mryuk@wapc.org to learn more and to schedule.

Educators and Health Care Professionals

Contact us for information on touring the Washington Poison Center or our summer internship program.