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The WAPC education program is focused on harm reduction and awareness related to poison and drug concerns.  Poison Center staff set up exhibits at community events, conduct presentations on a variety of topics, provide media consultations, disseminate media campaigns, and distribute educational materials throughout the state.

We are fortunate to have two Health Educator and Outreach Specialists on our team, one in Eastern Washington and one in Western Washington.  This has expanded our education and outreach, ensuring that we serve all populations in the state equally.  Our Educators have developed and fostered many partnerships throughout the area, including participation in health fairs, and presentations on medication safety, e-cigarettes and vaping, and poison prevention at health departments, schools, and conferences.   Because of our expanded presence, WAPC has the ability to reach all Washington county communities.

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If you require more information about any of our public education programs, or would like to arrange an event in your community, please contact our Health Educator and Outreach Specialists through this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.