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The Washington Poison Center’s Public Health Education programs focus on harm reduction through training related to poison and drug concerns. The Washington Poison Center’s Public Health Education team offers presentations and training on a variety of topics (see below for descriptions) in addition to being present at many health fairs, community activities and festivals throughout Washington State.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Public Health Education programs, please contact our education team:

Check out our YouTube channel here for examples of our recent public health education.

Topic Descriptions


Introduces concepts and devices for vaping nicotine and marijuana, data on e-cigarette use in Washington, myth-busting health research, and the present state of e-cigarette policy. Click here to view a recorded version.


Also known as marijuana, weed, pot, etc. Discusses legality, health effects/correlations, use rates and trends, why youth use, and more. Geared toward adults who are influential toward youth. Click here to view a recorded version.

Older adult medication management

Older adult audiences: discusses common medication errors, the practices that may lead to them, and prevention tips

Caregiver audiences: guides a caregiver through assessing an older adult’s medication management status and implementing improved management practices

General poison prevention

Discusses common household hazards, including look-a-like substances, medications, and plants. Provides poison prevention tips, such as using Mr. Yuk stickers. Available in a presentation or booth (health fair) format.

Opiates, opioids, and other drugs

Provides an overview of opiate and opioid drugs, historical trends, and the current opioid epidemic. Also includes overview of emerging drugs and their respective health risks.