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Yuk Box Check Out Form and Map

>>>Yuk Box Check Out Form and Map
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The Yuk Box teaches poison prevention for children and adults through assistance from community partners. The Yuk Box is available for schools, public health districts and other community organizations to check out, and includes a variety of materials that visually demonstrate how similar packaging is for certain food products and poisonous products such as cleaning solutions, candy and pills. If you’d like to check out a Yuk Box, please complete the form below.

Yuk Box Locations

Do Your Own Presentation.

Use our free interactive lesson plans on Kahoot! alongside the Yuk Box. Freely available for teachers, parents, and community members, these lessons cover poison safety basics like look-a-like products, common household hazards, medicine safety, and how to use Mr. Yuk stickers. A Kahoot! account is not required to access and play the lessons.