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Hospital Fair Share Program

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In 2016, Washington Poison Center (WAPC) launched our Hospital Fair Share Program. This program represents a change in the manner in which WAPC requests funding support from hospitals for our emergency helpline services.

Our Hospital Fair Share program requests individual Washington state hospitals and healthcare systems to contribute an annual Community Benefit investment which helps fund continued access to poison control services for their institution(s),  as well as poison prevention education (clinical and non-clinical) within the hospital’s local area.

WAPC provides your physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers with the highest standard of care 24 / 7 / 365 days a year through:

Experienced and credentialed staff:

  • You receive consultations from board certified Medical and Clinical Toxicologists.
  • Our staff of Certified Specialists in Poison Information who are nurses, pharmacists, and other specialists, have an average of 18 years of experience.

Increasing patient safety and reducing your liability by:

  • Monitoring exposure cases throughout hospital stays by working with clinical staff for a safe resolution for your patient.
  • Providing your physicians peace of mind that all possible measures are explored through consultation with an expert board certified toxicologist when facing end-of-life decisions due to overdose.
  • Leveraging the resources of WAPC to provide emergency toxicology services at a fraction of the cost it would require your hospital to staff on their own, thereby helping steward your funds and save community health care dollars.
  • Assisting in combating health care disparities in vulnerable populations by providing translation services in over 200 languages for immigrants and refugees exposed to poisonous substances.

Your hospital will receive an invoice for a yearly subscription contribution for your facility using a formula based on your hospital size, emergency department volume, and number of past calls/consultations.  This contribution will support unlimited calls from your physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers as well as requested educational programs.

As a partner in our Hospital Fair Share campaign, you will receive a logo signifying your support that can be displayed on your website, in newsletters, or in community reports. We can provide content information, data, articles, and graphics for your publications as well. In addition, we will recognize you as a Fair Share Partner.

We look forward to building on our shared mission in helping a poisoned patient receive the best care possible in all hospitals in the state of Washington!