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Every year, the Washington Poison Center receives thousands of calls on a variety of different toxic and poisonous substances. Which of these do we need to be concerned about and which of these are a growing threat? We regularly dive into our data to answer those questions and highlight growing threats and toxic substances in the state that demand our attention.

Our data can also make a direct impact on public health by sounding the alarm to legislators and other public health advocates. For example, our data on e-cigarettes/vaping exposures helped craft and pass legislation to protect Washington youth. The Washington Poison Center remains the experts in the state on all things toxic and poisonous to humans while at the same time advocating for change and educating the public on these concerning trends.

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Disclaimer: Reporting of exposures to the poison center is voluntary and not mandated by law. As such, WAPC data describes the number of cases called into the poison center and most likely is an under-representation of the true occurrence of any one substance.

Not all calls to the WAPC are about poisonings: Exposure Versus Poisoning: What’s the Difference?

Adolescent self-harm & suspected suicide


COVID-19 Exposure Trends


Older Adults

Opioids & Opiates