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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 2017-06-07T03:21:14-08:00

Do you see that pretty little blue Easter egg? It looks sweet nestled beside those beautiful blooms and blends in so well, a perfect hiding place. Just think how it will smell in a week if your kids don’t find it right away, ewwww. Each year the Poison Center gets a few calls from parents whose toddlers have  found that egg and eaten it! Double ewwww!

Basic egg safety for Easter egg hunts:

  • Don’t use cracked eggs for hunting, bacteria can enter that crack
  • When dying eggs, return them to the refrigerator within two hours
  • When hiding eggs, protect them from dirt, and lawn chemicals
  • Eggs should only be out of the refrigerator for two hours if you use them in an Easter egg hunt
  • Hard boiled eggs are good for seven days when properly refrigerated

Better yet, dye a few eggs to have for decoration in the house (only out 2 hours, please!) and use plastic eggs, filled with goodies, outside; it’ll give you one less worry!