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The Washington Poison Center is warning parents to be on the look-out for marijuana-edibles that may be mistaken for candy.

To identify if a product contains marijuana, look for a “Not For Kids” symbol on the marijuana edible packaging.

While regulated by Washington State, marijuana-edibles can be found in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and types that often resemble traditional candies and sweets in their product name and/or appearance such as brownies, candy bars, cookies, and gummy bears. Both medical and recreational marijuana contain high enough amounts of THC, the active chemical in marijuana, to cause symptoms in both kids and adults.

“We’ve had a 33% increase this year in calls about children exposed to marijuana edibles, compared to 2013” said Dr. Alex Garrard, Clinical Managing Director of the Washington Poison Center. “This may be due to marijuana edibles being more available, and the lack of child-resistant packaging,” added Garrard.thc candy

Here are some helpful tips for parents for preventing marijuana edibles from falling into the wrong hands:

  • Only allow children to have packaged candy from well-known brands, and avoid off-label or unfamiliar brands
  • Parents should throw away any candy or food product that appears to have been tampered.
  • Read the labels on all candy products to ensure no marijuana content is present
  • Look for the Not For Kids label to make sure it does not contain marijuana

Remember:   If in doubt, throw it out!

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