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Pesticides: Handle with Care

>>>Pesticides: Handle with Care
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Summer is here!  It’s the time of year when you get the urge to fight pests, but first, make sure you are using the right product on the right pest!

Pesticides are products that kill pests! They are commonly used in and around the home and in public places.  When used properly, pesticides can help eliminate the problem pest, however, they can be harmful when used the wrong way. Be sure to read the label, even if it is a common pesticide you use.

  • Herbicides are used for plants, like blackberry bushes and dandelions.
  • Fungicides are used for fungi and their spores, like mildew and blight.
  • Rodenticides are used for rodents, like rats and mice.
  • Insecticides are used for insects, like ants and wasps.

    *************** Read the label ***************

Pesticides can come in several forms: sprays, dusts, granules, or baits. After you choose one, buy only the amount you need. Read the label information and if you have questions call: 800.222.1222.

Do you know where your pesticides are? Remember- never store pesticides in the same location with food, medical or cleaning supplies. Always make sure all pesticides are stored where children can’t get to them. Put pesticides away right after each use.  Put a Mr. Yuk sticker on the container to remind you to put it up after use and teach your children to stay away from Mr. Yuk.

Most importantly:

  • ALWAYS keep pesticides in their original containers
  • NEVER remove the label

It is very dangerous when chemicals are placed in a smaller container, even if it is marked.  Pesticide labels will always list the active ingredients, which can change, even if the name stays the same. The labels also contain storage and disposal directions!

Always follow the directions!  If required, wear protective clothing and only apply in well-ventilated areas.  Make sure there aren’t any toys, food or dishes nearby before applying a pesticide. If your pesticide needs to be mixed or diluted, be sure to only do so by following the directions and again, do so in a well-ventilated area.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Always clean up spills right away
  • Apply only to areas needing treatment
  • Never spray or dust outdoors on a windy day
  • Do not place insect or rodent baits where kids can get to them

Clean up equipment and safely dispose of all containers as directed by the label.

  • Empty containers can be just as dangerous since residue is still inside, even a tiny bit can cause a poisoning.
  • Never pour unused amounts of pesticide down the drain; it can get into the water supply!
  • Since pesticides can be absorbed through the skin make sure to wash all skin exposed with soap and water and then wash your clothes as well.
  • Throw away any leather goods that may have come in contact with the pesticide. Pesticide cannot be removed from leather and it will always be contaminated and pose a risk.

Do you suspect a pesticide poisoning has occurred?  Call 800.222.1222.  Have the container within arm’s reach when you call.  DO NOT wait for symptoms to occur, by then you have already been poisoned!