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Training of Trainers, E-Cigarettes

>>>Training of Trainers, E-Cigarettes
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For Prevention Professionals and Community Coalitions

E-Cigarettes: The Truth Among the Vapors Training of Trainers Workshop

A 3-hour training of the trainer style workshop introducing the concepts and devices for vaping nicotine and marijuana, data on e-cigarette use in Washington, myth-busting health research, and the present state of e-cigarette policy.  It is ideal for community coalitions, educators, and public health specialists looking to take action and start a conversation about vaping in their communities. This workshop was created in partnership with the Prevention Works in Seattle Drug-Free Community Coalition of Northeast Seattle. To learn more about the training, view this webinar. (We ask that you enter your name to watch the webinar to help us keep track of how many people have viewed the webinar.)

Training workshops can be requested by emailing our Health Educator and Outreach Specialists.

E-Cigarette and Vaping Educational Kit

When vaping issues came to the forefront of current public health issues, the staff at Washington Poison Center purchased several devices and products as demonstration items. Intended to be hands-on tools to highlight the poisoning-related hazards, audiences everywhere appreciated seeing and handling the items, and soon we began receiving requests for the kit from other groups participating in adult education.

Some groups worried that their fiscal agent would not allow them to use funding to go out and purchase their own items, so the kit is available to purchase through the Washington Poison Center. See this ECig Kit Quote and Info Sheet for more information on how to purchase or build your own kit.

A comprehensive User Guide for the kit can be downloaded.

Training Accompaniment Documents

PowerPoint Presentation and Script Documents.  Note that we ask that you not change any information on the slides. You may add your own logo. You can also use the “Hide Slide” function by right clicking on one of the slide tiles in the Default Section on the left. By selecting “Hide Slide” this will make the slide invisible in a presentation and not delete it from the whole slide deck.

  • Most Current Version — May 17, 2018
  • Pre- and Post-Tests
  • WAPC Youth and Vaping Factsheet (work in progress)
    • If you would like a version of the document to add your coalition’s logo, please email our Health Educator and Outreach Specialists

Training FAQs and Follow-Ups (information coming soon):

  • Q: What is the actual dose of nicotine delivered by an e-cigarette device? For example, a 12mg nicotine combustible cigarette typically doses only about 1mg of nicotine.
  • Q: I’ve heard lately about “third-hand” exposure to e-cigarette vapors: that the vapors are so small there is worry that the aerosols can passively cross the skin barrier, that you don’t have to breathe them in to be exposed….
  • Q: I’ve heard of users developing pneumonia from vaping because of the large amounts of water vapor in e-cigarette vapors…

E-Cigarette News

Washington’s E-Cigarette Law (Signed April 19, 2016) — ESSB 6328

This new bill is a huge step forwarded in protecting the health of Washington’s children and youth. To read a full report of the bill, read this ESSB 6328 Senate Bill Report

The bill includes:

  • Expanded definition of vapor products, maintains purchase age at 18
  • Establishes that vapor product retailers and other distributors must be licensed by the Liquor and Cannabis Board (like Tobacco Retailers) and establishes a license fee ($175 annually; up from $0)
  • Establishes the penalties for licensing offenses and links penalties for selling to youth for persons holding both vapor products and tobacco licenses
  • Liquid nicotine containers must be child-resistant and now have specific labeling requirements, including the clearer labeling of the contents of nicotine
  • Prohibits use of vapor products in: child care facilities, schools, within 500 feet of schools, school buses, elevators, playgrounds

Note that this bill does contain several preemptions. Local authorities are prohibited from enacting laws regulating sales and licensing outside of those set forward by this bill. That means that no other jurisdiction may create rules related to the age of purchase, taxation, outdoor use other than in areas where children congregate, limiting the ability for store owners to allow sampling on their premises.

FDA’s New E-Cigarette Rules (released May 5th, 2016)

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has established its rules for regulating E-Cigarettes, Cigars, Hookah Tobacco, and Pipe Tobacco according to the Tobacco Control Act.

The full recap of rules is over 500 pages, so here’s a 30,000 foot overview.

  • Nationwide restriction on sale to those under 18
  • Establishes e-juice producers (even those mixing in storefront) as a manufacturer and requires reporting of ingredients
  • All devices must get approval before going to the market and everything that has been on the market since February 2007 must go back and get FDA approval. This has a 3-year roll-out period.
  • There are now required health warnings on packing and advertising. The exact wording is still open for comments.
  • Anything with a modified risk name (e.g. “light”, “low”, “mild”) must be approved first by the FDA

Read the FDA’s Press Announcement about the new rules or see how they may affect you. Note that already some legislators in the US Congress believe this action is not within the FDA’s rights of the Tobacco Control Act, and these rules are being challenged.

Washington’s Tobacco 21 Effort

King County Board of Health Resolution

Washington Poison Center Toxic Trend Reports


Additional Resources on Marijuana (more general, not vaping explicit)