2015 Annual Cannabis Report

Washington Poison Center Toxic Trends Report*

2015 Annual Cannabis Report

The Washington Poison Center experienced another year of increased calls on marijuana exposures and poisonings than the year before. In 2015, there were 272 calls into the WAPC regarding exposures to marijuana products. Of the 272 total cases, there were 86 cases of marijuana edibles, 32 cases of marijuana concentrate, and 97 cases of marijuana in plant form. Of those 272 exposures, 46% (126) were in pediatrics ( < 19 years old). The majority of calls were regarding 13 – 19 year olds who had been exposed to some form of marijuana. They accounted for almost a quarter of all marijuana calls (24%).

MJ Exposure by Month 14 and 15

MJ Exposure by Age 14 and 15



MJ Trends 1999 to 2015 MJ Exposure Site 2015

















Many patients displayed more than one clinical effect, the most common being drowsiness/lethargy and tachycardia. The exposures most often occurred in the caller’s own home (77%) but required hospitalization 172 times.


Top Ten Clinical Effects MJ MJ Treatment Site 2015

*Disclaimer: Reporting of exposures to the poison center is voluntary and not mandated by law. As such, WAPC data describes the number of calls called into the poison center and most likely is an underrepresentation of the true occurence of any one substance. All calls to the Washington Poison Center are free and confidential.For further information, contact Dr. Garrard at AGarrard@wapc.org or 206-517-2356.

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