E-Cigarettes & You


Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and liquid nicotine are marketed as a safe way to quit smoking, but these products contain concentrated liquid nicotine, which can be dangerous for kids and adults.


To learn more about e-cigarettes read E-Cigarettes: Facts & Your Health.




In 2015, the WAPC experienced a slight decrease in the total number of calls related to E-Cigarette exposures. Follow the link below to read the full 2015 report.

2015 Annual E-Cigarette Report


WAPC’s quarterly report of E-Cigarette exposures and trends


The Washington Poison and Drug Information Center (WAPC) has noticed a call volume increase in excess of 1000% since 2012 for E-cigarettes and liquid nicotine products. To put this number into perspective, prior to 2010 the WAPC received no calls on E-cigarettes or liquid nicotine. Starting in 2010, the WAPC started receiving calls. Below are the years and exposure calls received by the WAPC during that year.

  • 2015: 156 exposures
  • 2014: 182 exposures
  • 2013: 73 exposures
  • 2012: 18 exposures
  • 2011: 19 exposures
  • 2010: 2 exposures
  • 2009: 0 exposures


Call the Washington Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately for medical advice if you are worried about the health and safety of yourself, others or if your child has accidentally been exposed to liquid nicotine or an e-cigarette. All calls are free and confidential.

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