2016 Top Ten

In 2016, the Washington Poison Center (WAPC) managed 62,498 calls, over 171 calls per day. There were 55,224 human poison exposures, with children six and younger accounting for almost 51% of all poison exposure cases.  Human exposures with more serious outcomes (moderate, major, or death) accounted for 6.17 % of all exposures.   There were over 7274 information calls. Over 80 % of poisonings were unintentional; 15 %
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Tell Us Your Story: Diabetic in Need of Help!

“I am a severe diabetic and take three types of insulin.  One is slow acting, which I take before bed, as it helps prevent me from slipping into a coma while sleeping.  Being very tired, I accidentally gave myself a second dose of regular insulin.  I immediately called the Hospital, who connected me to a Consulting nurse.  I explained my situation and she initiated a three-way call to the Washington Poison Center.  W
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Father’s Day

Sunday, June 16th, is Father’s Day.  Bet you didn’t think a big green guy would know anything about the one day each year when dads all over the country are bombarded with handmade art, edible goodies, gadgets, trinkets and lots of hugs and kisses!  My friends in the call room have kept me up to date on all the latest munchkin misadventures and I know that some of the most popular gifts are potential problems.  They
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Why Medication Management?

Scenario 1:   You are enjoying a day out with your family.  You just realize you forgot to take your medicine before leaving.  Can you wait until the next scheduled dose?  Will you start feeling sick? Scenario 2:   You take your medicine.  Then you remember you already took it ten minutes ago.  Who can you ask if you need to be worried?   Will you become light-headed and be at a higher risk for falling? Scenario 3:  
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Let me count the times…I should have called the Poison Center…just today

What, you’ve think you’ve never had a reason to call the Poison Center? I don’t think so!  Exposures to poisons happen all the time; they are a part of everyday living. You just didn’t know to call the Poison Center. If you are lucky, you can get away with this, but there are times when you really need to call. Can you spot the exposures to poisons my friends at the Poison Center worry about? 6 am- Alarm goes off, yo
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