spring flowers

Lawn & Garden Care- Seasonal Health Alert

An early happy spring from the Washington Poison Center, and a reminder that many of your lawn and gardening aids contain potentially toxic chemicals, including: Insect killer: organic phosphorus compounds (malathion) Some insect killers contain organic phosphorus compounds. If accidentally ingested or absorbed through the skin, these can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, and can slow t
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Holiday Hazards- Seasonal Health Alert

Happy Holidays from the Washington Poison Center! While this certainly is a wonderful time of the year, it is important to be aware of potentially hazardous exposures this holiday season. Button batteries: These small cylindrical batteries are often found in portable electronics, watches, and hearing aids. They can be removed from these products by small children and ingested. If they become lodged within the esophag
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Keep the Joy in Your Holiday

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us are either getting ready to travel or preparing for guests. To spend this time with family and friends and avoid a frantic trip to the emergency room, please take a few moments to think about safety. If you are traveling with young children or pets, look around for dangers. The family or friend you are visiting may not normally need to worry about a curious mind
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Potential source of CO

Carbon Monoxide- Seasonal Health Alert

The Washington Poison Center (WAPC) received 308 calls in 2013 on carbon monoxide poisonings; 121 of those cases were managed in a healthcare facility. With winter right around the corner and people starting to crank up their heaters, the WAPC has some information to share. What is carbon monoxide? • Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced by incomplete combustion of different fuel sources (oil, ga
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Mushrooms- Seasonal Health Alert

While the majority of mushrooms in Washington are nontoxic, several poisonous species grow throughout the state. The Washington Poison Center is consulted annually for cases of mushroom poisoning following mis-identification of toxic species. Some mushroom species in Washington State can produce severe nausea and vomiting, seizures, kidney and liver damage, and death following ingestion. Symptoms from severe or poten
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Washington Poison Center Warns Parents About Halloween and Marijuana Edibles

With Halloween right around the corner, the Washington Poison Center is warning parents to be on the look-out for marijuana-edibles that may be mistaken for Halloween candy. A variety of candy-style products exist in the medical marijuana market. Marijuana-edibles can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types that often resemble traditional candies and sweets in their product name and/or appearance, such as b
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Mr. Yuk Goes to College

Don’t forget to send Mr. Yuk off to college with your student as they pack that favorite pillow, the mini-fridge and other essentials!  Why, you may ask, would a college student need Mr. Yuk?  Poisonings can happen to anyone at any age, here are a few possibilities your student may face: Food poisoning; even leftover pizza without meat needs to be refrigerated! Medication errors or interactions, as well as intentiona
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Happy Birthday United States!

Happy 237th Birthday United States! Wow, have we grown!  In 1776 there were 2.5 million people in the US, today there are over 316 million. That means a lot more 4th of July celebrations, which means a lot more poisoning opportunities from picnics, glow sticks, boating, and fireworks. Most people are aware of fire and physical injury dangers associated with fireworks but I want to remind you that fireworks can poison
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Pesticides: Handle with Care

Summer is here!  It’s the time of year when you get the urge fight pests, but first, make sure you are using the right product on the right pest! Pesticides are products that kill pests! They are commonly used in and around the home and in public places.  When used properly, pesticides can help eliminate the problem pest, however, they can be harmful when used the wrong way. Be sure to read the label, even if it is a
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School's out for the summer

Test Your Summer Poison IQ

Just when you thought school was out for the summer!  Well, school may be out, but it is never too late for a quick quiz. Grab a pencil and paper and see how well you do. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long for the answers- they are just a click away. Good luck!!   1) You find your toddler sucking on the end of a tube of pain-relieving cream for the sunburn you got yesterday; what should you do? A. Nothing,
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bug looking

Summer’s Unwanted Guests!

I think summer is finally here! The trees are showing off their leaves, flowers are blooming, and the bugs are enjoying themselves. They are the unwanted guests- showing up at picnics and the beach, camping trips and hikes, or even if you’re just hanging out at home. For many of us, a bite or sting will only have a mild reaction, however there are those whose reaction will be far more severe and require emergency tre
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Car Exhaust

Carbon Monoxide, the Unexpected Summer Time Hazard

Carbon Monoxide is not just deadly in the winter; its dangers can plague us in summer as well. It’s an invisible poison that cannot be smelled or tasted. It attacks children and adults, rich and poor, animals and humans. So what can it do? — It can mimic food poisoning — It can cause long-term brain damage — It can cause kidney and liver failure — It can cause a miscarriage — It can kill
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Here it comes…hopping down the street…

Do you see that pretty little blue Easter egg? It looks sweet nestled beside those beautiful blooms and blends in so well, a perfect hiding place. Just think how it will smell in a week if your kids don’t find it right away, ewwww. Each year I get a few calls from parents whose two-year-old has found that egg and eaten it! Double ewwww! Basic egg safety for Easter egg hunts: • Don’t use cracked eggs for h
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Shellfish Poisoning – “I wonder why the dogs won’t eat the clams”

A young man spent a glorious summer weekend in the San Juan Islands, enjoying sun, blue sky, a light breeze, deep blue water, the smell of salt spray, and the buzz of partying while camping under the moon on deserted beaches. He traveled by boat with friends to multiple islands, gathering clams and cooking them over an open fire each night. His friends warned him not to eat the clams due to the summer “red tide.” He
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Snow Days!

Snow days are fun and beautiful and potentially dangerous! We want you and your neighbors to be safe during this snowstorm. Carbon Monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, deadly gas.  Someone with CO poisoning may think they are just getting the flu, since symptoms can be a headache, nausea and vomiting, weakness, fatigue, and confusion.  If several people in the household become ill at the same time,
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