Poster Contest

SEATTLE, MARCH 6, 2017 – And the winner is….

The Washington Poison Center is excited to announce that this year’s winner of the annual statewide Poison Prevention Week Poster Contest is Jason Ho, an 11 year-old fifth grader from Parkside Elementary School in Des Moines, WA. Jason’s vibrant poster was selected as the winner from over 300 submissions from kids all across the state. His art will be shared with organizations statewide to promote Nationa
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10th Annual Poster Contest is OPEN!

National Poison Prevention Week, the third week of March each year, is a week nationally designated to bring attention to the dangers of poisonings and how to prevent them. To celebrate this week in Washington and highlight the role of the poison centers as a free resource for all people, the Washington Poison Center hosts a statewide poster contest to engage children in helping communicate messages of poison safety
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2016 Poison Prevention Week Poster Contest!

SEATTLE, OCTOBER 7, 2015 – The Washington Poison Center (WAPC) has officially kicked off the 9th edition of its annual poster contest to celebrate National Poison Prevention Week! Kids from across Washington aged 6-12 are invited to create their own eye-catching posters highlighting poison prevention and the role Mr. Yuk and the Washington Poison Center play in keeping kids and families safe. Again this year th
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2014 Washington State Poster Contest Winner: Cecilia Wroblewski, age 11!

Edmonds Girl Wins Poster Contest! 2014 Poison Prevention Week Poster Winner And the winner of this year’s Poison Prevention Week poster contest is…Cecilia Wroblewski, age 11, of Edmonds!  Cecilia’s brightly colored poster beautifully showcases the theme of “Mr. Yuk to the rescue,” outfitting him with a superhero cape, at the ready to help people.  Cecilia wins $500, a visit to her school by Mr. Yuk, and her poster wi
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Mr. Yuk to the Rescue!

“Mr. Yuk to the Rescue!” is the theme for the Washington Poison Center’s (WAPC) 2014 Poster Contest. The winning poster will be part of the 2014 Poison Prevention Week campaign, celebrated across the state in March. Mr. Yuk rescues children from accidents involving medications, household chemicals, pesticides, bites / stings, and more. The Poison Center is looking for young artists to create eye-catching posters that
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Mr. Yuk Goes to School!

As your child goes through life, Mr. Yuk should always be included, whether just learning to walk and talk, going to pre-school, or starting K-12!  When you fill those backpacks with colored markers, scissors, plastic rulers and spiral bound notebooks make sure you include Mr. Yuk too!  Add a free pencil with our 800-222-1222 number on it to your child’s school supplies. Encourage your child’s teacher or school nurse
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Poison Prevention Poster Contest Runners-up!

I get so many great posters, I not only choose a winner but four runners-up as well. I thought I’d introduce them and their artwork (in no particular order). Poppy Long, age 7 did this wonderful poster featuring the friends of Mr. Yuk under a big rainbow Isaiah Colobong, age 12 did this poster warning about the dangers of poison. Kenneth Crockett, age 12, reminds us to be careful of chemical products. Tristen Q
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2013 Washington State Poison Prevention Week Poster Winner!

Announcing the Winner of the 2013 WAPC Youth Poster Contest   Mr. Yuk is excited to announce this year’s Poison Prevention Week poster contest winner…Kaleo Smith, age 10, of Anacortes! As part of our annual Poison Prevention Week celebration, the Washington Poison Center held a children’s poster contest with the theme, “Be Safe with Mr. Yuk.”  Kaleo’s design highlights the safe use of chemicals, especially ones in sp
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2013 Poison Prevention Poster Contest

One of my friends at the Poison Center wanted to know why I was scowling more than usual; he thought I had a bad attitude. Dude, I don’t have attitude!   I’m just …  sad. 😡 It is the end of October and there are very few entries in my poster contest. Every year the nation recognizes the 3rd week in March as “National Poison Prevention Week.”  This year is no different. Poisonings are the leading cause of
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