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2016 Poison Prevention Week Poster Contest!

SEATTLE, OCTOBER 7, 2015 – The Washington Poison Center (WAPC) has officially kicked off the 9th edition of its annual poster contest to celebrate National Poison Prevention Week! Kids from across Washington aged 6-12 are invited to create their own eye-catching posters highlighting poison prevention and the role Mr. Yuk and the Washington Poison Center play in keeping kids and families safe. Again this year th
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Mr. Yuk in Asia!

This week Dr. G is in Uzbekistan presenting at a conference on novel psychoactive drugs–Tashkent, Uzbekistan is 12 hours ahead of Seattle! Tune in here and on Facebook and Twitter to read about the trip and see photos!   Mr. Yuk in Asia Part 9 – Saturday 8/14 @ 4:00pm KST Well I’m finally on the last leg of my journey around the world. When I arrive in Seattle 6 hours earlier than when I left on the
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E-Cigarette devices

Washington Poison Center Toxicologists Speak to King 5

This week my friends in the call room had a very special visitor.  Teresa Yuan, KING 5 News, came by to talk with Dr. Alexander Garrard and Dr. Matt Valento regarding our most recent Toxic Trends Reports and the alarming increase in pediatric E-cigarette and marijuana exposures.  If you missed it on the air, you can see the full video report and article on KING 5’s website: Tracking Spike in Minors Exposed to M
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Ask Mr. Yuk- Poison Q & A

Each year, two million poisoning exposures are reported to poison control centers across the United States.  If we break down that big number, one person will be poisoned in the time it takes you to gargle and spit- don’t swallow or you’ll have to call me! “What is a poison?” Glad you asked- a poison is any chemical or substance that can make you sick or harm you.  Children, older people and those developmentally del
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Happy Birthday United States!

Happy 237th Birthday United States! Wow, have we grown!  In 1776 there were 2.5 million people in the US, today there are over 316 million. That means a lot more 4th of July celebrations, which means a lot more poisoning opportunities from picnics, glow sticks, boating, and fireworks. Most people are aware of fire and physical injury dangers associated with fireworks but I want to remind you that fireworks can poison
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There are no balloons in Up and Away

“Up and Away” means keeping your medications up and away, and out of sight, from children.  My friends in the call room tell me that often the reason a parent is calling is because they got distracted and left a medicine they were using down and in reach of a child. Here’s the scenario: Johnny and Jenny both have been running a fever for a few days.  Everyone in the house is sleep deprived and going to bed early. It’
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Father’s Day

Sunday, June 16th, is Father’s Day.  Bet you didn’t think a big green guy would know anything about the one day each year when dads all over the country are bombarded with handmade art, edible goodies, gadgets, trinkets and lots of hugs and kisses!  My friends in the call room have kept me up to date on all the latest munchkin misadventures and I know that some of the most popular gifts are potential problems.  They
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School's out for the summer

Test Your Summer Poison IQ

Just when you thought school was out for the summer!  Well, school may be out, but it is never too late for a quick quiz. Grab a pencil and paper and see how well you do. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long for the answers- they are just a click away. Good luck!!   1) You find your toddler sucking on the end of a tube of pain-relieving cream for the sunburn you got yesterday; what should you do? A. Nothing,
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bug looking

Summer’s Unwanted Guests!

I think summer is finally here! The trees are showing off their leaves, flowers are blooming, and the bugs are enjoying themselves. They are the unwanted guests- showing up at picnics and the beach, camping trips and hikes, or even if you’re just hanging out at home. For many of us, a bite or sting will only have a mild reaction, however there are those whose reaction will be far more severe and require emergency tre
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Sick child

You Ate What?!

Calls concerning food poisoning are in the top ten received at the Washington Poison Center.  In fact, last year my friends in the call center got almost 1900 calls about food-related concerns. That is over 5 calls a day!  Think about how many people did not call the poison center! Did you call when you got sick after visiting your relatives? The most common form of food poisoning is bacterial.  Symptoms consistent w
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